Vitalii Nelha: The best personnel returns to Kirovgeologiya


Vadim Enverovich Carly is appointed as new chief geologist of KP "Kirovgeologiya". It was declared by the CEO of KP "Kirovgeologiya" Vitalii Nelha on his page in Facebook :"Want to share remarkable news - the best personnel returns on Kirovgeologiya" - he noted.

Vadim Carly has already worked in Kirovgeologiya more than 15 years: there passed his way from the geologist to the deputy chief of expedition № 49 and the chief geologist.

"Vadim Enverovich is an outstanding authority, the graduate of MGRI, with work experience of 34 years. Among professional awards he has V. V. Luchitsky and L. I. Lutugin's medals. Staff members with pleasure apprehended a message about return of such specialist to Kirovgeologiya", - Vitalii Nelha declared.

"From myself I want to wish success and inspiration in work for the benefit of the enterprise and the industry!", - he added.

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