Vitalii Nelha: Ukraine can provide completely requirements of own NPPs for uranium

Vitalii Nelha: Ukraine can provide completely requirements of own NPPs for uranium


The World Nuclear Association gave to Ukraine the 10th place in the rating of the countries with the greatest indicators of extraction of uranium: last year our state extracted 1200 tons. It was declared by the CEO of KP "Kirovgeologiya" Vitalii Nelha on his page on Facebook .

According to its data: now in operation there are 4 uranium fields - Michurinsk, Vatutinsky, Central and Novokonstantinovskaya which were transferred to the industry long ago: "The first two will exhaust the stocks soon, and Central and Novokonstantinovskaya still have potential. Considering that annual requirements of the Ukrainian nuclear power plants for uranium about 2500-3000 tons, Ukraine it is necessary to increase own production. And such opportunity is", - Vitalii Nelha noted.

At development of capacities on the Novokonstantinovsky field, Ukraine could produce 2000 - 2500 tons of uranium a year.

"But the question of providing own NPPs in raw materials is a strategic question which directly influences a possibility of obtaining power independence of our state. Therefore we need to improve own mineral resources of uranium in the nearest future: to find information about existing the fields and to develop new. Our State enterprise "Kirovgeologiya" has both capacities, and specialists for carrying out all necessary geological works in this direction. It will allow to provide completely requirements of the Ukrainian NPPs for raw materials. And by estimates of specialists, Ukraine has such stocks, could even become produtseny uranium for other countries", - the CEO of KP of "Kirovgeologiya" Vitalii Nelha on the page on Facebook summarized.

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