Working off of fields of uranium in the open way and by the PV method will reduce prime cost of nuclear fuel for Ukraine


It is stated in proposals which State Enterprise «Kirovgeologiya» submitted in the Project "Energy Strategy of Ukraine till 2035".

According to the CEO of State Enterprise «Kirovgeologiya» Vitaly Nelha, in the draft of the energy strategy of Ukraine till 2035 it is necessary to pay a larger attention to one of the most important constituents of the nuclear energy sector - mineral resources and perfecting of its structure:

"Need of development of mineral resources of uranium of Ukraine, it is caused as structure of cost of terminating nuclear fuel (uranium ore makes up to 46% of its prime cost), and the fact that Ukraine extracts about 30% of uranium ore of the common requirement", - Vitaly Nelha noted.

In particular, the CEO of State Enterprise «Kirovgeologiya» noticed that among the available fields in Ukraine, reserves of ore make about 250 thousand tons of U3O8. Their main part is bound to fields of albitite ore formation, larger on stocks, which uranium ores on quality fall into with the private and the poor, with high cost of their production with an underground way.

"Considering that the cost of uranium ore makes up to 46% of prime cost of terminating nuclear fuel, in the category of priorities providing an increase of reserves of uranium which volume not only would provide the current operation of fields belongs, but also allowed to improve significantly their structure due to preparation for the production development of fields suitable for open operation, for operation by method of an underground lixiviation in situ of their bedding, and also fields with complex ores. It will allow to reduce significantly cost of extraction of uranium, and respectively and prime cost of terminating nuclear fuel", - the CEO of the State Enterprise «Kirovgeologiya» Vitaly Nelha considers.


On December 19, 2016 the Project "Energy Strategy of Ukraine till 2035" was posted on the official site of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Mining for expert and public discussion for the purpose of obtaining the corresponding remarks and offers. This project of Strategy is widely discussed, both public authorities, and public organizations. Now process of discussion continues and offers and remarks to it enter.

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