The priority direction for the Kirovgeologiya enterprise are the works directed to quantitative and high-quality improvement of mineral resources of uranium for the purpose of ensuring requirements of nuclear power of Ukraine with raw materials.

According to this state enterprise "Kirovgeologiya" specialized exploration works on uranium from a forecasting stage are carried out to stages of drilling mine investigations and preparation of uranium fields for operation. For more than 60-year period of activity of the enterprise the domestic source of raw materials of uranium is created, it is intensively fulfilled experience.


At the beginning of existence of the enterprise the main task was the accelerated investigation and transfer to operation of May Day and Zheltorechensky fields of uranium based on which "VOSTGOK" was created further. It were the first large-scale deposits of USSR uranium. In the 50-60th years in sedimentary a cover of the Ukrainian board in sandstone - carbonaceous deposits more than ten uranium fields were revealed. to which working off by employees of the enterprise for the first time in the Soviet Union it is offered and applied a method of underground borehole lixiviation. Further this method began to be used widely in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia and other states. In 1964 the Michurinsk field of uranium was found that gave the grounds for carrying out large-scale search works in the Kirovohrad district as a result of which there was an identification of 11 fields of uranium. The Kirovohrad uranium-ore district was so open and the uranium mineral resources Ukraine, answering behind scales to sources of raw materials of the leading uranium mining countries of the world are created. Now based on three fields of the Kirovohrad uranium-ore district two extracting mines of East mining and processing works Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine work. The Ingulsky mine operates Michurinsk and "C" of the field, and the Smolinsky mine - the Vatutinsky field. For change of the fulfilled fields the field of uranium prepares for exploitation of all in Ukraine of Novokonstantinovske. In 2008 KP Kirovgeologiya completed the boring investigation "Д" of the field, and about 2009 beginning boring investigation "And" fields of uranium.

Kirovgeologiya carried out exploration works on the major directions in different regions of the Soviet Union:

  • in the Chita region carried out geophysical shooting, there the Streltsovsky uranium-ore area was open further,
  • in Eastern Siberia in limited terms of carrying out mapping by drilling of oil-bearing structure of Van Pitch and a gold exploration the Ducat;
  • in Tajikistan it is executed investigation of the Kayrakkumsky gold deposit
  • in Uzbekistan investigation of the Zarmitansky gold deposit is carried out.
  • in Yakutia investigation of uranium fields of the Aldan board was carried out;
  • in the Arkhangelsk region within the diamondiferous province the expedition which in a short space of time in a difficult environment constructed the highway from Arkhangelsk to the diamond field 103 km long was created, on diamond the field constructed enrichment factory and took place the first prospecting mine in difficult mining-and-geological conditions;
  • in the Armenian republic participated in carrying out rescue efforts after a destructive earthquake in Spitak.
  • in DRN, Bulgaria, Romania, Czechoslovakia, China, Mongolia where helped the friendly states to create own source of raw materials.

In the early nineties, according to the decision of the government, together with exploration works on uranium, KP "Kirovgeologiya" strategic raw materials began to perform works on another. On the gold fields found in short terms - the Beam Wide, Yuryivske, May, Surozhsky and rare metal-lithium fields Stankovatskoma and Polokhovsky carried out estimated works, resources of metals are defined and TEM about expediency of carrying out their investigation are made. On Polokhovskoma the rare metal-lithium field the complex of semi-factory researches of the enlarged test which confirmed a possibility of use of lithium ores in different industries is executed. It is reconnoitered a number of fields of nonmetallic raw materials.

The 69-year history of activity of the Kirovgeologiya enterprise is defined by a powerful contribution to creation of mineral resources of Ukraine.

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